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Carmem Gusmao

Fine Artist
Carmem Gusmão is a Michigan-based Artist deeply influenced by the indigenous Brazilian culture. Her works, which promote new concepts of abstract and contemporary art, have been featured around the world in different forms: from Brazilian singers’ album covers to European and American writers’ book covers. Her Art is beyond decorative; it’s a balance between energy, beauty and vitality.

“Success is when you are able to make your living doing what makes you fell alive and passionate. “

My Story

Brazilian native artist who is passionate about people, art and culture.
I am a Brazilian born artist, currently working and living in Michigan. My work is founded in my life. It is almost autobiographical. I have passion for old ritualized cultures and signs. In The Brazilian Amazon, where I grew up physically and spiritually, I dove near the multicolored clay that runs in the riverbed and found the seeds that germinated in a thousand colors and shapes between my paintings and ceramics .I lived with the Kayapos Indian people between the river and forest and learn about body painting using natural colors from fruits. The constant subject in my paintings are nature; trees, birds, flowers and mountains. I am an artist for 43 years. I have a degree in psychology, I am a certified Dream Builder Coach from Life Mastery Institute in Los Angeles, and I currently speak English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. I lived in California and Florida before.

Art in Progress